Brand Innovation

Propelling a brand to a new level of engagement through innovation road map and go-to-market strategy. Performing a holistic audit of business goals, target markets, competition, communication strategy, content plan and execution. Uncovering the unique vision, mission and voice of a brand and communicating it consistently across all channels.

Clients: American Express, The Association of Junior Leagues, Ben & Jerry’s, L.L. Bean, Michelin, Wendy’s

Content Strategy

Performing comprehensive content audits and organizing complex systems of information, published content and social media into a branded ecosystem and rollout strategy. Overseeing creative brief development and copywriting, collaborating closely with UX and design teams.

Clients: Canon USA, Leviton, Motorola, PAPER Magazine, The State of New York, Sugoi


Expressing the soul of a brand through its unique voice. Telling a brand’s story across multiple platforms, over a range of channels, including video, social media and editorial.

Clients: British Airways, Cisco Systems, Citibank, Diageo, DreamWorks, Hasbro, Holiday Inn Express, JCPenney, Lipton, Mars

Experiential Marketing

Promoting real world/social media engagement through live branded experiences, cross-platform storytelling, curated content channels and event marketing.

Clients: American Express, Ben & Jerry’s, Four Seasons, Hampton Inn, Michelin, Motorola


Developing a uniquely evocative name and taxonomy for a brand, product, service or line of business. Running a comprehensive competitive audit to determine the creative approach – coined, compound or coded – and guidelines for future name development.

Clients: Bayer, Facebook, Nestlé, Marriott, Mash, Royal Canin, Siemens, TuneIn

Verbal Identity

Establishing a brand’s tone of voice and messaging standards to ensure consistency across all communications. Developing an editorial toolkit to assist writers when developing copy.

Clients: Audible, Johnson & Johnson, Quest Diagnostics, Goldman Sachs