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Ideation Consultant & Campaign Developer
360i | New York

For JCPenney, we created an interactive campaign built around the four seasons. An “adventure map” would offer a visual monthly snapshot, and a source of inspiration for all of the top activities families are participating in across the US.

JCPenney - Social Media Campaign with Crowdsourced Content

The JCPenney adventure map would aggregate social activity in real-time and provide consumers with all the inspiration, tools and influencer editorial content they needed to make their family adventures extraordinary.

JCPenney - Social Media Campaign with Crowdsourced Content

A user could zoom in on the map to experience a real-time conversation, including aggregated content from Flickr, Instagram, and Twitter – and a list of the top 5 spots to experience that activity nearby. Relevant JCP products were also featured with a link to purchase.

Clicking on content would bring up editorials and social posts with the ability to share content with friends and family.

JCPenney - JCP - Interactive Campaign

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