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Concept Developer, Content Strategist & Copywriter
FCB | New York

In 2006, Bono created the for-profit humanitarian initiative PRODUCT (RED)™. This included a special RED product line where a percentage of every sale went towards eliminating AIDS in Africa.

For Motorola, Product (RED)’s technology partner, we created a rich online experience that allowed users to connect with the campaign and see the direct benefits of their purchases.

The site offered an assortment of original RED content from around the world—including music, videos, art, exclusive downloads and a live event in Trafalgar Square featuring RED collaborators the Scissor Sisters.

Motorola & Product (RED)™

Motorola & Product (RED)™

One of the most popular elements of the digital campaign was an interactive calculator we created that allowed users to see just how much of a difference they were making in the lives of those in need.

Motorola & Product (RED)™

I served as the lead content strategist and copywriter for the campaign’s digital media (concept through development), and provided ongoing supervision for updates and special promotions.

Motorola & Product (RED)™


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