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Content Strategist, Copywriter & Producer
The Association of Junior Leagues International | New York

At its core, an annual report is an a-ha moment. A year’s worth of meaningful endeavors laddering up to something more. It’s a rather unique publication in the fact that it’s self-reflecting—an intimate look inside. Every year there’s one thing in particular that sets the tone for the year as a whole—a revelation, a growing pain, a single defining moment.

For the Junior League’s 2017 Annual Review we identified the most critical initiative the organization took on for the year – Diversity & Inclusion – a hot-button issue in the media, in politics, and society at large. The deep challenges and bold opportunities D&I called attention to connected back to everything the Junior League stands for, and everything we as a society are working through, both in the workplace and in our local communities.

Instead of creating an annual report that walked its members and stakeholders through every initiative for the year, we used it as an opportunity to galvanize the organization around one challenge in particular.

To open the conversation outward we assembled an impressive array of internal and external voices to help us explore the landscape of diversity and inclusion today–to share their insights and experiences, and to surface the challenges and opportunities they see in their respective worlds and spheres of influence.

During the week of November 13th, 2017, these voices took over the Junior League’s Instagram feed, engaging their social followers and igniting conversations still sparking interest today. These conversations were then compiled into a site experience that could be explored by topic—with the opportunity to join the conversation, become a Junior League member, and learn more about the organization and its vision for bold, positive change.

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The Junior League - Diversity & Inclusion Social Engagement Initiative