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Senior Copywriter & Concept Developer
Kaplan Thaler Group | New York

One of the things that sets Wendy’s apart from other fast food restaurants is their commitment to using fresh ingredients in everything they make. We took this idea of freshness and applied it to their online presence by creating a site that aggregated user content in real time from all corners of the Web. Whatever people were posting about Wendy’s, you saw it on Wendy’s Real Time—Facebook comments, tweets, YouTube videos—along with Wendy’s facts, games, promotions and other original content. The site was simple and fun and allowed users to get involved in the conversation. It also illustrated the popularity of Wendy’s, allowing fans to define what makes Wendy’s so great. I served as the lead copywriter on this project, managing content and messaging strategy throughout the concept’s development.


Wendy's Real Time Website & Online Initiative

Social Post

Wendy's | Real Time | Integrated Campaign

Wendy’s History / Interactive Timeline

Wendy's | Real Time | Integrated Campaign

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